SIMONA PMC, an industry leader in the manufacturing of extruded thermoplastic sheet, has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for over 20 years. We stand committed to producing materials in our Findlay, Ohio facility, in the safest and most environmentally conscious processes possible. We strategically operate in ethical, socially responsible and innovative ways that exemplify resource efficiency through the prudent use of materials.

Our guidelines include:

  • We participate in an energy savings program with the local utility.
  • We actively work to keep hazardous material out of our processes.
  • We have an air permit for the pyrolysis oven because of the second burn-off section. We monitor exhaust to ensure compliance.

The custom thermoforming industry relies on a healthy post-industrial recycling process. Depending upon specific materials and applications, sheet and roll stock can be highly specialized products, and have a sensitive tolerance to variations in composition. SIMONA PMC utilizes recycled plastic when and where product specifications permit, and the waste from our manufacturing processes can be reclaimed. During sheet extrusion, roughly 99% of the scrap produced is also reused during that run or in a future campaign. A thermoformed part is produced by heat up plastic sheet until it is pliable and using vacuum/pressure to conform it to a desired shape.  Only the molded shape kept, and the excess material surrounding the part is trimmed and ground up as scrap.

Site-wide, SIMONA PMC follows all EPA and environmental regulations in terms of storm water protection and air emissions.

The sustainable application of materials, resources and services continues to be a key priority for SIMONA PMC as we remain committed to environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress.

Download the SIMONA PMC Sustainability statement