SIMONA PMC has the production capability to handle just about anything. Our multiple extrusion lines provide optimal conditions for unique orders.

We’re well equipped to handle different types of sheet construction: laminates, mono, co-ex extruded sheet.

Custom. The term gets tossed around as a catch-all offer by a lot of plastics sheet extruders. But at SIMONA PMC, custom means focus. Focus on providing expert services and robust materials that are finely tuned to our customers’ exacting needs.

For each unique job, our people bring innovative thinking, niche market understanding and a commitment to finding the most effective solution. Whether it takes exceptional color matching ability, an unrivaled selection of colors and gauges, a wide range of specialized finishes, or superior physical attributes, our flexible expertise enables us to produce plastic sheet that are not the same custom you’re accustomed to.


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SIMONA PMC Capabilities:

  • Sheet stock
  • Widths up to 116”
  • Gauge capabilities up to .375″
  • Variety of finishes
  • Wide range of standard and custom colors
  • Laminating abilities and co-extrusion mono sheet abilities

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