Technical Data Sheets

Please reference the topics below for technical support for SIMONA PMC products. If the grade you’re looking for is either not linked or is not listed here, please contact a Customer Service Specialist or call +1 877 289 7626.


Utility Grade
PMC 100
PMC 110 (Low Gloss)
Medium Impact
PMC 200
PMC 210 (Low Gloss)
High Impact
PMC 300
PMC 310 (Low Gloss)


PMC 901
PMC 904
PMC 906

PremierCap® TPO

Utility Core
PremierCap 1520 (Low Gloss SMR)
PremierCap 1550 (High Gloss SMR)
Standard Melt Strength Core
PremierCap 1610 (Mid Gloss Field Whitening)
PremierCap 1620 (Low Gloss SMR)
PremierCap 1640 (Low Gloss Stress Whitening)
PremierCap 1650 (High Gloss SMR)
High Melt Strength Core
PremierCap 1710 (Mid Gloss Field Whitening
PremierCap 1715 (Mid Gloss Field Whitening)
PremierCap 1720 (Low Gloss SMR)
PremierCap 1725 (Low Gloss SMR)
PremierCap 1740 (Low Gloss Stress Whitening)
PremierCap 1750 (High Gloss SMR)
PremierCap 1755 (High Gloss SMR)
High Stiffness Core
PremierCap 1822 (Low Gloss SMR Cap, High Talc Core)
PremierCap 1825 (Low Gloss SMR Cap, Glass Filled Core)
PremierCap 1852 (High Gloss SMR Cap, High Talc Core)

Acrylic, Acrylic/ABS & ASA/ABS Systems

Acrylic Sheet
PMC 1000
Utility ABS Core Systems
PMC 1110 (Low Gloss Acrylic)
PMC 1120 (Low Gloss ASA)
PMC 1150 (High Gloss Acrylic)
PMC 1170 (High Gloss Acrylic Film)
Medium Impact Core Systems
PMC 1210 (Low Gloss Acrylic)
PMC 1220 (Low Gloss ASA)
PMC 1230 (Low Gloss Acrylic Film)
PMC 1250 (High Gloss Acrylic)
PMC 1270 (High Gloss Acrylic Film)
PMC 1290 (High Gloss ASA)
High Impact Core Systems
PMC 1310 (Low Gloss Acrylic)
PMC 1320 (Low Gloss ASA)
PMC 1330 (Low Gloss Acrylic Film)
PMC 1332 (High Gloss Acrylic Film)
PMC 1350 (High Gloss)
PMC 1390 (High Gloss ASA)


Utility Grades
PMC 500
PMC 550 (High Gloss Cap)
Standard Melt Strength Grades
PMC 600
PMC 650 (High Gloss Cap)
High Melt Strength Grades
PMC 700
PMC 705
PMC 750 (High Gloss Cap)
PMC 755 (High Gloss Cap)
High Stiffness Grades
PMC 802 (High Talc)
PMC 815 (Glass Filled)


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