Prototype Thermoforming

SIMONA PMC’s has a single station thermoformer, with ten pre-programmed forming techniques and a HMI (Human Machine Interface). SIMONA PMC partnered with equipment manufacturer MAAC to build this machine to meet a need for product development and quality control.

This allows SIMONA PMC to conduct quality performance testing on sheet products as part of NPO (New Product Outline) requirements, as well as offer in-process rapid prototyping services for the benefit of thermoformers.

The thermoforming machine is equipped with an adjustable clamp frame and large oven accommodating sheets up to 4 ft by 5 ft (48” x 60”). The oven contains 40 individually controlled zones; with custom heat, cooling, platen delay/return and air eject settings, the user is able to have better product control and forming versatility. Motorized platens ensure fluid, consistent movement and positioned feedback, while quartz element heat ensures excellent energy efficiency, quicker heating time and retention.