High-Grade Thermoplastic Solutions to Fit Your Bus Application Needs

SIMONA PMC offers a wide range and grades of high-performance thermoplastics to choose from, all designed to fit your bus applications, with pieces specifically tailored for your flammability, chemical resistance, and processing requirements.

Why choose SIMONA PMC for Bus?

We produce highly engineered thermoformable sheets that will deliver the results you expect from your high-performance finished products. In addition to being ISO certified, we are thermoplastic solution specialists, ready to help you pinpoint the right material and work with you throughout your entire project.



  • Exterior trim
  • Aero packages
  • Wheel flares
  • Air deflectors
  • Claddings and skirts
  • Bumpers
  • Fascias
  • Grilles
  • Hoods
  • Mirror housings
  • Roof panels
  • Escape hatches
  • Sleeper cabinets
  • Interior trim
  • Dash panels
  • Soft and hard IP trim
  • Sleeper bunks
  • Living space
  • A/C covers
  • Door surrounds
  • Clear partitions

Global Thermoplastic Solutions

We now offer the broadest range of high-performance thermoplastic materials from a single supplier and single salesforce. When you partner with  SIMONA PMC, you get hands-on material expertise and design support to form beautiful parts that make a lasting impression.
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