Recycled Products

SIMONA PMC’s Commitment to the Environment
SIMONA PMC understands the importance of being an environmentally responsible company. As an industry leader in the manufacture of extruded plastic laminates, SIMONA PMC has been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for over 20 years.

We stand committed to producing materials at our Findlay, Ohio manufacturing facility with the safest and most environmentally conscious processes possible, and are continually evaluating new ways to make our products environmentally friendly for the good of our community and nation.

Within this context, sheet laminates and roll stock are highly specialized products with a sensitive tolerance to variations in composition. SIMONA PMC utilizes recycled plastic when and where product specifications permit, and the waste from our manufacturing processes can be reclaimed.

SIMONA PMC strategically operates in ethical, socially responsible and innovative ways that exemplify resource efficiency through the prudent use of materials and resources.

Our guidelines include:

  • Responsible resource use
  • Elimination or significant reduction in the use of hazardous material
  • Elimination or significant reduction of emissions to air and water