SIMONA PMC invites Christina Muryn, mayor of Findlay, OH, to visit facility and discuss local community efforts.

SIMONA PMC invites Christina Muryn, mayor of Findlay, OH, to visit facility and discuss local community efforts.

SIMONA PMC team with Findlay’s mayor, Christina Muryn.

Findlay, OH – July 1, 2019. SIMONA PMC team with Findlay’s mayor, Christina Muryn.

SIMONA PMC invited Findlay’s mayor, Christina Muryn, to visit their facility and get a personalized tour. The goal was to provide Mayor Muryn with a better understanding of SIMONA PMC’s scope of work.

Eric Short, Vice President of Technical Sales and Support, started the visit with a presentation describing the company and the timeline of the company’s history. He explained the different markets SIMONA PMC is currently involved in and how they anticipate significant growth over the next couple of years based on annual sales numbers.

Mayor Muryn then took a tour of the facility and saw the extrusion process first-hand, watching how resin became a flat sheet of plastic.

Lunch was provided and allowed the group to discuss different local issues, such as staffing. Mayor Muryn explained that Hancock County, where Findlay is located, saw a 2.7% unemployment rate in May. All local businesses are experiencing this challenge, she said.

She went on to explain the various tactics the City of Findlay is doing to address the problem. SIMONA PMC, always striving to be better stewards of the community, volunteered to assist in any way they can.

SIMONA PMC enjoyed Mayor Muryn’s visit and will continue to be active partners in the community.



SIMONA PMC was acquired by SIMONA AMERICA Group in late 2018. The acquisition expands the SIMONA AMERICA Group product line-up with an array of custom extruded and specialty sheet material and provides a solid base for developing new products and new high-growth applications. SIMONA PMC focuses on custom extrusion, specializing primarily in the manufacture of sheet products used in recreational vehicles, agricultural, and industrial applications. SIMONA PMC operates out of Findlay, OH. For more information visit


SIMONA AMERICA Group is the North American division of SIMONA AG. Its three manufacturing facilities produce aviation interior products, large volume polyolefin and PVC products, as well as specialty products for the corrosion protective, semiconductor, recreation and building industries under the SIMONA AMERICA Industries, SIMONA Boltaron, and SIMONA PMC brands. The SIMONA AMERICA Group projects a 2019 turnover of annual sales of more than USD 150 million and employs 235 people. For more information, visit

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