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PMC Specialty Products Releases NEW DecoTech™ Film Catalog


PMC Specialty Products Releases NEW DecoTech™ Film Catalog


PMC Specialty Products (a division of Premier Material Concepts) is excited to announce the release of a new laminated sheet and decorative films product catalog as part of the DECOTech™ product offering. The catalog includes PMC’s complete selection of film colors and patterns, including 20 new rich wood grain and trendy geometric options.

Protected with a durable plastic cover, the new product catalog features tabbed sections organized by pattern type for easy navigation. Each tabbed section features a physical laminated sample representing the product family, in addition to high-resolution prints of color and pattern options shown in both a matte and gloss finish. All colors and patterns featured in the catalog are available over a black or white substrate.

“With a continued focus on product development and industry design trends, PMC is committed to meeting our customers’ changing needs by developing and offering new film patterns and design options every year,” PMC’s Vice President of Products and Services Management Eric Hausserman said. “We have already received tremendous positive feedback about our 20 newest patterns, and look forward to what the coming year brings.”

To access product availability and minimum order requirements for any DecoTech™ film or to view the new catalog online, visit

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