Exultra™ 2700


Exultra™ 2700


PMC’s Exultra™ 2700 is a soft-touch TPE cap, TPO core, co-extruded product that is the first cost-effective, “green,” recyclable product for innovative, structural, aesthetic and functional use in interior and exterior applications.

PMC specially engineered Exultra™ as a more cost-effective alternative to vinyl-wrapped materials, without the additional labor, cost and waste. Exultra™ is a 2-ply formable product that consists of a weatherable elastomeric cap layer, laminated to a high impact thermoplastic olefin layer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft Touch Feel with Structure. Using an 89 Shore A cap on a rigid TPO substrate provides dimensional stability with enhanced touch & feel.
  • Thermoformable. Low coefficient of thermal expansion for reduced stress cracking at attachment points.
  • Recyclable. 100% of trim scrap can be reused, resulting in cost savings. Compliance with environmental standards. RoHS compliant with no heavy metals.
  • Ease of Processing. Layer adhesion without secondary operation. No stresses, wrinkles or separation.
  • Custom Colored and Low Gloss. Designed to suit your applications and your customer’s specific needs. Pastels & vibrant colors possible.
  • Durable. Improved impact strength over ABS. Cold temperature durability/impact for versatility and longer wear. Chemical resistant for easy clean-up without surface damage. Moisture, Scratch, mar and tear resistant.
  • Insulating Properties. Enhanced comfort through reduction in “squeak and rattle” commonly associated with plastic parts.
  • UV Protected and Outdoor Weatherable. Designed for superior performance in interior and exterior applications. Formulated using the latest coloring technology to avoid fading even in extreme conditions. Improved heat aging without cracking

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  • Instrument panels
  • Dashboards
  • Decorative trim
  • Consoles
  • Door panels
  • Flooring
  • Interior wall panels
  • Organizational devices
  • Coaming panels
  • Office furniture
  • Sub-surface safety components
  • Cases
  • Fitness equipment
  • Seating
  • Construction

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