Combining Polycarbonate with ABS results in the best of both worlds. You get the ease of processing ABS and the durability of polycarbonate. This combination also improves heat deflection temperature, stiffness, and and low-temperature impact resistance. It requires a cap or coating for weatherability and can be challenging to process, but because it is easy to paint and has a high flex modulus, it is always in demand.

Saves time and money when compared to using metal by reducing the number of tools needed to process a piece. It’s also rigid and tough but still pliable enough to form features that are not possible with metal.


This specific blend of polycarbonate and ABS with fire retardant additives meets stringent regulations for fire behavior, electrical safety, and resistance to chemicals, hydrolysis and heat. The sheet has good impact toughness at a wide temperature range, has excellent thermoforming properties, and is easy to machine.

Flame Characteristics (based on final part thickness):

  • UL94V-2 (0.75mm: burning stops within 30 seconds on a vertical specimen)
  • UL94V-0 (1.5mm: burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen)
  • UL94V5VB (2.0mm: burning stops within 60 seconds on a vertical specimen)
  • UL94V5VA(3.0mm: burning stops within 60 seconds on a vertical specimen)



// Structural Parts // Exterior Body Panels // Electronics
// Prototypes // Heavy Truck Bumpers // Telecommunications Application
// Mass-Transit // Electrical Enclosures // Appliance Parts
// Medical Diagnostic Equipment Covers

Medical Equipment
Heavy Truck Bumpers