Performance Cap Layers

Performance Cap Layers

PMC offers a multitude of performance cap layers compatible with both the HMS & Utility Grade TPO portfolio, based on the demanding needs of the application.


  • High Gloss
    Co-extruded cap layer that increases part gloss to a 75-85% level* and offers enhanced scratch resistance.
  • Medium Gloss
    Co-extruded cap layer that provides a formed part gloss level of 15-20%* and enhanced scratch and mar resistance.
  • Scratch-Whitening Resistance
    Utilizing automotive industry requirements, this cap layer resists whitening attributed to scratches & gouges.
  • Stress-Whitening Resistance
    For applications that see heavy blunt-force abuse in assembly or in the field, this cap layer helps resist stress-whitening, or “blushing,” common to dark grey and earth tone colors. 

    * Positive tooling, 60 degree Gardner observation

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